DY2100 Mini Potentiostat

A portable, high-performance, and extremely affordable potentiostat. Current measurements from pA to mA, and starts at just $869.


DY2100 spec sheet »


Electrode Configurations: 3 (CE, RE, WE)
Max. Current Range: ±2 mA (±20 nA to ±2 mA in 6 ranges)
Current Resolution: 0.002% of full scale range, with highest resolution of 0.76 pA
Input Impedance of Electrometer: > 10^12 Ω
Potential Range: ±2.0 V (16-bit DAC)
Potential Bandwidth: > 1 kHz (> 30 kHz for DY2113, > 100 kHz for DY2116B)
Min. Potential Resolution: 76 µV
Compliance Voltage: > ±2.2 V
I/E Low Pass Filter: 4 ranges (Auto or Manual), depends on sensitivity setting
Input Bias Current @ 25°C: < 30 pA
ADC Sampling Rate: 0.1-200 Hz, 0.002% resolution (16-bit), 15000 data points max.
Dimensions & Weight: 7 x 14 x 3 cm, 250 g
Power Requirements: USB powered


  • Easy-to-use user interface for experimental setup, graphic display, data analysis, and file management
  • Data Processing (Filter, Smoothing, Remove DC Offset, Math, FFT, etc.)
  • Automatic peak potential, current reporting, and charge calculation
  • Plot overlays and text data exports
  • Easy cursors definition and measurement
  • Real time display with Pause Plot and Pause Experiment functions
  • USB connection to a user-provided PC running Windows

Sample Plots